Microsoft Access Hosted Solution

Access Database Hosted Service

Microsoft Access Hosted Solution

Access Database Hosted Service

The Microsoft Access Hosted Solution allows you to remotely connect to your Access Database from any computer that has an internet connection. Using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, you're able to remote onto your server and run your Access Database just as if it was on your own local server. This solution has many benefits:

  • You can continue to use your existing application just as if it were a web application, without having to spend the time and money to convert it to a web application. This can often allow many remote users of your application the same functionality that your internal users currently enjoy.
  • The cost for licensing will be less due to the use of run-time Access. We do offer a hosted version with the full version of Access, but that is often not necessary as program changes can be made locally and then ported/published to your live database.
  • No more headaches trying to determine why an application works on one computer and not on another.
  • Easier and most cost effective migration to the new version(s) of Microsoft Access.

The Microsoft Access Hosted Solution is based on a per user charge per month with a minimum charge per client.

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