Using Microsoft Access with a Phone

Access & Your Phone

Microsoft Access Phone | iOS | Android

Microsoft Access Phone | iOS | Android

Access & Your Phone

iOS and Android Interfaces to your Access Database

In the days before iPhones and Android phones, tower PC’s and laptops running Windows and Office were the way people worked. Today mobile workers and customers want to interact with data from their iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet. We get that! In many cases a mobile website is the best way to handle most mobile data entry and viewing needs. This means having WSI create a web browser version of your Access screen form that is designed for smaller screens. This method saves a lot of programming expense because the same mobile website will work on Android, iOS and other smart phones. However, some of our clients require true native mobile applications. This can be necessary when tighter integration is needed with the phones hardware for things such as finger print based access control and more. WSI can help create a great native mobile web application. WSI uses the latest and greatest Microsoft technology to efficiently program for iOS and Android at the same time. Microsoft has built great developer tools that work cross platform! Before Microsoft’s tools you had to have one team of programmers using Apple’s Swift language to make your iOS app and another group of programmers Java or Kotlin to build the Android versions. Creating and maintaining two different versions of the same software is just too expensive for many of WSI’s clients. WSI can program using Microsoft’s .NET technology to create forms that work in desktop web browsers and compile native iOS and Android applications for the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. These are the popular app stores with Apple and Android users get their programs. WSI can also deploy your business application on the Apples Enterprise Developer or Google’s Enterprise developer platforms. These allow you to privately distribute your business application to select users.

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