Microsoft Access Upgrade

Conversion to SQL Server

Microsoft Access Upgrade | Conversion to SQL Server

Microsoft Access Upgrade | Conversion to SQL Server

SQL Server

Outgrowing Access… WSI Can Help

Access is a super database platform but people disparage it for not being able to handle large amounts of data. It is true that Access is limited to storing 2GB of data. BUT…WSI can show you how to squeeze the most out of that 2GB. WSI can also convert your Access database back end (BE) (the part where the tables that store all your data reside…) to Microsoft SQL server which is an enterprise class relational database. For many Access users who are at or approaching the 2GB Access data size limit, there is no licensing cost for Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition. This version stores up to 10GB of data and there is no licensing fee! WSI has upsized dozens of Access databases to Microsoft SQL server. We build many new Access databases using Microsoft SQL server from the very beginning. Contact WSI today to find out what it will take and what it costs to supersize your Access database to continue working in your organization for many years to come!

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