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Microsoft Access Web Interface | Access Web Browser

Microsoft Access Web Interface | Access Web Browser

Access & Microsoft .NET

Web Browser Interface to Your Access Database

Wouldn’t it be great if people could view or enter data into your Access database from a web browser? Over the years, Microsoft has touted several technologies that they claimed would do this. But all have had serious limitations or been discontinued. Don’t despair. It will take some time and money but WSI can make it happen for you! First, we will need to convert your Access database to have a Microsoft SQL Server back end (BE) if it does not already have one. Then we need to work with your staff or contracted IT person to make the database accessible over the Internet if you are hosting on your premises. If you prefer, we can put the Microsoft SQL Server BE on a server at a hosting company of your choice, on our hosting service or on Microsoft’s Azure SQL cloud platform. Then we will need to create versions of your Access screen forms that work in a web browser. We do this using Microsoft .NET technology programmed using Microsoft Visual Studio. It is not as simple as Access but it the best way to give users the ability to work with your Access database data from a web browser. Contact WSI today to find out more about this process and what is needed to prepare a programming cost estimate.

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